Motor finance companies

With over 90% of cars being sold on finance its unsurprising that car finance complaints to the Financial Ombudsman concerning faulty and misdescribed cars have soared.

However, the lack of expertise in the cars, the problems and causes leave them entirely reliant on the opinion of low cost vehicle inspection reports, to ascertain what the defect is and whether it was more likely than not present at the point of sale or not.

In reality all too often on the one hand the expert report doesn’t go far enough to establish causation and on the other goes too far in trying to answer the legal question as to whether the vehicle is of satisfactory quality or not.

This and the Financial Ombudsman often being qualified lawyers has contributed to the rise in Omdudsman decisions against finance firms.

Motor industry lawyers

Stormcatcher Motor Industry Lawyers, provide expert advice and advocacy services for private clients and motor dealers facing claims for defective vehicles bought by way of a finance agreements.

Our unique experience, expertise in the automotive industry and unrivalled success has led to us fast becoming the leading choice for cases involving super cars, prestige vehicles and classic cars as well as volume marques.

Motor Trade Law Plan offers car finance companies and leasing firms an outsourced solution to handling complaints and ombudsman cases, for an all-inclusive fixed monthly fee.

Setting ourselves apart from other motor industry legal services providers, clients have direct access to their nominated leading car lawyer, working closely and in partnership with your business to deliver the highest standards of service.


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Our no conflict of interest policy means Stormcatcher and/or Motor Trade Law plan will not advise or accept instructions against existing retained clients providing peace of mind that if you’re with us we can’t be against you.