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Motor Trade Law legal services cover motorhome and Caravan Dealers who are often not well represented in the wider motor industry legal services sector, despite the size of the market and the cost of both new and second hand vehicles

While the consumer rights act 2015 includes the repair and sale of horse boxes, motorhomes and caravans by a dealer, applying the specific facts and technical issues relating to the vehicles themselves is out side the experience of the average solicitors specialising in the motor trade.

As its centre is the obvious issues of motorhomes combining not only the usual issues that second hand car and van buyers and traders face but also the technical issues surrounding the conversion, shell and interior.

Our lawyers have specialist experience and knowledge of  the motorhomes and caravans themselves and the legal issues that can arise relating to sale of goods, finance and trading standards.

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motor home legal issues

Motorhome legal issue which are covered under the motorhome law plan include dealing with stolen and cloned vehicles and buying and selling vehicles with outstanding finance or HP.

Damp issues are the curse of any coach built motorhome  and can be expensive to repair. This may be caused after sale by damage or poor storage but also as a result of general wear and tear around the windows, rooflights and TV aerials. 

Consumer Rights

Central to motor trade law is consumer protection which is scheduled to be further enhanced with the advent of the Consumer Rights Act in October 2015 which consolidates eight existing laws into a single piece of legislation which in conjunction with legislative changes in 2014 is set to stamp out rogue traders and unfair commercial practises.

The new law will give consumers faced with substandard or faulty vehicles, products and services the following options:

1) The right to reject and receive a refund within 30 days

2) After 30 days the consumer has the right to repair or replacement

3) If the repair or replacement is unsuccessful then the consumer will be entitled
to a price reduction or final right to reject

Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations

Car Dealers must comply with the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 which prohibits Motor dealers from engaging in business practices which are considered to be unfair, which includes:

  • Misleading Action: This is someone giving false information or perhaps misselling whether verbally, in an advert or in writing. For example misrepresenting the vehicle service history.
  • Misleading Omissions:  The dealer failing to give sufficient information about the motor vehicle to the buyer such as leaving out or hiding information which they otherwise would rely on for example not disclosing the vehicle having been a write off or failing to draw attention to the key elements of a used car warranty.
  • Aggressive Commercial Practices:  Using high pressure sales tactics to sell a car or car finance..
  • Commercial Practices Which are in All Circumstances Considered Unfair: these are set out in the regulations which highlight specific practices that are banned including claiming to be a member of  a code of conduct when the motor trader is not.

Breaching these regulations is an an offence and could result in a fine or even a prison sentence

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